Motorhome Servicing

Whether you travel tens of thousands of miles a year or just a couple of hundred, motorhome servicing, motorhome maintenance and yearly habitation checks teamed with MOT’s can help ensure that your motorhome is running smoothly and is roadworthy at all times.

Types of Motorhome Service Auto-Sleepers Service Centre Offer

  • Habitation Service
  • Full Motorhome Service (Silver Service & Gold Service)

Habitation Motorhome Service

Habitation Motorhome Servicing

A habitation service will usually consist of the gas, water, electrical, and heating systems being checked and maintained. As well as checking the chassis, body and fittings the habitation service also covers checking the basic structure for damp or leaks.

Full Motorhome Service

Full Motorhome Service

Here at Auto-Sleepers we currently have 2 different motorhome servicing packages, Gold and Silver. Both of these motorhome services provide a thorough inspection and motorhome maintenance including brake fluid and tyre checks, oil and filter changes as well as road testing.

If you currently cover less than 10,000 miles per year, we suggest a Silver motorhome service and the Gold for anything more. Due to the detail, these services are completed in, we have overnight facilities available.

In addition to offering motorhome servicing, our service centres also offer spare parts, accident repairs, general repairs, winterisation and modifications.

Our service centre at Auto-Sleepers is run by highly qualified and experienced mechanics and even though we specialise in Auto-Sleepers models we also offer our services to any motorhome model, regardless of the age, size, make or model. Whether you have a Peugeot Coachbuilt, Van Conversion, VW motorhome or Mercedes motorhome we have the perfect service for you. Our service centres also offer expert caravan servicing and caravan maintenance.

If you’re still unsure on which motorhome service would benefit your vehicle the most, our aftersales team are happy to help you choose the most suitable option so please call us on 01386 853511.

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To find out how we can be of service to you, contact the Auto-Sleeper Service Centre in Willersey on: 01386 853511

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