Caravan Servicing

Whether you tow your caravan thousands of miles a year or just a few hundred, it is important to book a yearly service to make sure you keep your warranty up to date and all your services are running smoothly.


A lot of caravans will sit throughout the winter months in rain, snow, hail and wind without being moved and once the weather has improved they will most likely be used more regularly. However being sat for months on end in the English winter weather can increase the chances of deterioration but with regular caravan servicing this can be prevented.

The importance of caravan is understood thoroughly, here at Auto-Sleepers. The service centre is run by highly qualified and incredibly experienced mechanics. Even though we specialise in Auto-Sleepers models we offer caravan servicing to other models.

What do we service?

An annual caravan service will thoroughly check and test the following:

  • Chassis and running gear including; coupling head, tyres (tread and pressure), breakaway cable, jockey wheel and more
  • Electric System including; pin plugs and cables, road lights & reflectors, battery (if applicable), sockets, earth bonding, RCD unit, wiring earth, interior lighting and more
  • Gas systems including; regulator & hose, gas leak check, appliances, gas cylinder and gas dispersal vents
  • Water system including; pump & pressure switch, filter & housing, taps, water tanks (if fitted), drain down, toilet check and more
  • Fire & Safety including; smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm, fire extinguisher date (if fitted), fire blanket housing (if fitted)
  • Bodywork including; doors and windows, roof, grab handles, number plate, floor, blinds & fly screens and damp test.

In addition to full caravan servicing, we can also complete habitation services. This type of caravan service covers everything from a gas check to checking for damp to checking the hinges on doors. We also offer winterisation, accident repair, modifications, spare parts and general caravan repairs.

A service is a great way to ensure that your caravan is healthy. There are many different options available when it comes to caravan servicing, whether you are looking for an annual service, winter service, habitation service or even if you are unsure what service your caravan needs our aftersales team can help. Depending on the service you opt for we may need to keep your caravan overnight, therefore we have overnight facilities available as well as being able to arrange local accommodation.

We also offer motorhome servicing therefore whether you have a Mercedes Bourton Motorhome or a Swift Lifestyle caravan we have the perfect service available for you.

To book or enquire about caravan servicing call 01386 853511 or use the service centre enquiry form and one our team will help your further.

Contact Us

To find out how we can be of service to you, contact the Auto-Sleeper Service Centre in Willersey on: 01386 853511

Or complete our Service Centre enquiry form and a member of staff will contact you shortly.

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