Motorhome Maintenance Checklist

Motorhome maintenance should be completed on a regular basis this can vary from cleaning the outside to checking the gas. As there are so many different aspects of maintenance for motorhomes, some can easily be forgotten or overlooked.

Here at Auto-Sleepers, we like to make things as easy and straight forward as we possibly can, we have therefore created a motorhome maintenance check list! Whether you travel 100 or 10,000 miles a year, it is imperative that your motorhome is checked thoroughly.

  • Check for leaks – Make sure you are checking your motorhome for leaks on a regular basis, this motorhome maintenance task will involve checking seals, doors, and windows for damage. You can thoroughly check this by soaking the vehicle with water whilst someone sits insides looking for any leaks.
  • Check for signs of damp – This can be done by checking your motorhome thoroughly for mould, watermarks or a strange smell
  • Water system – It is always a good idea to flush out the water system thoroughly every so often
  • Gas system – All gas appliances should be checked regularly, especially if your motorhome sits unmoving for a long period of time
  • Electrical appliances – Check all appliances are working correctly
  • Check oil and coolant pressure
  • Battery – If your motorhome is left standing for long periods of time we suggest charging the battery every 6-8 weeks.
  • Weather damage – If your motorhome has been stood still throughout the winter months, you should check for any possible damage that may have occurred
  • Clean – Overtime, like any vehicle, motorhomes can become dirt, if they are not cleaned this grime and dirt could cause damage

Another major part of motorhome maintenance is annual servicing. Annual motorhome services ensure that your motorhome is working correctly mechanically.

For more information on motorhome maintenance call 01386 853 338 or use the online enquiry form. You can even request a service online.

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