Harmony Utility Management System

Relax knowing that your Auto-Sleepers motorhome is fitted with the ‘Harmony Utility Management System’.


What is ‘Harmony Utility Management System (UMS)’

The ‘Harmony Utility Management System’ combines the latest electrical systems from innovative UK electrical manufacturer Sargent and renowned German manufacturer Truma. The UMS allows for straightforward control of your on-board leisure facilities from one, easily accessible location. Plus, for even greater peace of mind, your UMS features Sargent’s CAT6 vehicle tracker, which can be monitored remotely using ‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE.’

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Harmony Panel

Manage your onboard systems

The LCD touch-screen control panel allows you to easily monitor and control your motorhome's on-board systems. This functional all-in-one panel makes it simple to manage your lighting, battery and water so that you can spend more time enjoying your trips away.

Truma Dial

Temperature control

The digital Truma CP plus control panel allows you to set the temperature in your Auto-Sleepers motorhome quickly and easily. Choose functions like fan speeds and night time economy mode instantly. The automatic climate control ensures a constant indoor temperature in all weathers.

Auto-Sleepers LOCATE

Location tracker

Check the location of your motorhome every 6 hours and see the location of all Auto-Sleepers approved dealer workshops.

What is ‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’

‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’ is a Thatcham CAT 6 approved tracking system recognised by UK insurance providers. You no longer need to worry about your motorhome being stolen, by having this feature you can be confident that your motorhome is safe and can be instantly tracked if the worst was to happen.

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The benefits of Auto-Sleepers LOCATE

‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’ is designed to give our customers the opportunity to reduce their insurance premium and receive complete peace of mind. If your motorhome has been moved without ignition from the keys, we can instantly locate the whereabouts of your vehicle. ‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’ is:

  • Thatcham CAT 6 approved
  • Proactive tracking
  • European coverage
  • Law enforcement liaison
  • Keep your Auto-Sleeper safe
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Ensure peace of mind

How to set up ‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’

Simply visit http://www.aslocate.co.uk/ and register to create an account

The ‘Auto-Sleepers LOCATE’ system in your vehicle includes a mobile SIM card and prepaid data for the first three years of ownership. The data period is started at the time your account is activated. At the end of the 3 year period you will be able to purchase additional years’ data through this portal.

Handbook Download

Download the ‘Harmony Utility Management System’ User Instructional Handbook


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