Family Fun in an Auto-Sleeper Windrush

Family Fun in an Auto-Sleeper Windrush

''The non-negotiables of a new 'van were a well-finished interior and a compact size to fit on the drive and down narrow lanes and be convenient to park. It had to sleep three people comfortably and have a seating area for the adults in the evening.''

''The Auto-Sleeper Windrush ticked all our list of features – its six-metre length would fit on the drive, it was narrow enough to negotiate country lanes, there was seating for evening relaxation for mum and dad, four fully belted travelling seats and, to top it off, it felt very luxurious!''

''A decade later, we love our Windrush as much as the day we brought it home.''

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Image credit - Justine Higgins

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