Auto-Sleepers Investments presents its’ report for staff employed as at 5th April 2020.

At the time of this report the majority of staff were on furlough and therefore the statistics have been distorted by this fact.

Auto-Sleepers Investments operates in the automotive sector both at the manufacturing and retail level. Our business operates for seven days per week.  In common with other businesses within our sector it is dominated by male employees and in a normal year such as 2019 we would expect to see a gender pay gap as all senior management are male.

The Board is committed to address the issue of gender imbalance and attract more women to join the business.

ASI - Gender split

Gender pay gap                 2020                            2019

Mean difference                     -42.5.%                        15.0%

Median difference                  -220.3%                         4.6%


Gender bonus gap             2020                            2019

Mean difference                     10.3%                          30.2%

Median difference                  22.3%                          -5.9%

Percentage of staff who receive bonus and commissions

Male                            52.2%                          54.0%

Female                        29.5%                          36.3%


Employees by pay quartile


The Board is confident that where roles are identical within the business staff are paid equal rates of pay irrespective of gender.


G Scott
Chief Executive Officer

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