What Motorhome Reviews The Luxurious Winchcombe!

In this months issue of What Motorhome, writer Dave Hurrell reviews the luxurious Auto-Sleeper Winchcombe.

”Perennial, popular and pretty much perfect for the British touring couple – the classic layout here places twin sofas up front, with divided kitchen behind and a bathroom that stretches full-width across the rear.”Winchcombe Front Image

”The chassis provides rear-wheel drive and a comfortable, compliant ride that’s great for relaxed holiday cruising.”

”It’s a given that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and in the case of this motorhome it’s the bathroom that’s the star.”

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Luxury personified befits the Winchcombe which delivers the perfectly proportioned 2-berth motorhome with its capacious front lounge, top of the range centre kitchen and luxurious end washroom which boasts a double shower. With a specification that is truly second to none, befitting its flagship status, the Mercedes chassis adds the final touch to refined touring at its best.