Symbol Plus Wins Big In The Motorhome Of The Year Awards!

In this years Practical Motorhome Motorhome Of The Year Awards, the brand new Auto-Sleeper Symbol Plus took home the award for the best high-top panel van for 2019.

Symbol Plus Feature Image

”Practical Motorhome was the first publication to view the Symbol Plus ‘in the flesh’. It’s an intriguing blend of Symbol front lounge and the Stanway’s L-shaped end kitchen and corner washroom – all in a 6m-long Boxer. Melding together the two popular floorplans is a clever move by the Broadway crew.”

Practical Motorhome Awards 2019 -Auto Sleeper Symbol Plus Winner

”The judges were most impressed with the version Auto-Sleepers has just brought out, which makes everything just that little bit more spacious. The Symbol Plus takes the lounge of the Symbol but puts it in a longer, six-metre Boxer – and uses the extra space for the rear kitchen from the now discontinued Stanway. So, along with that comfortable front lounge, you get a spacious L-shaped kitchen, with a pull-out flap above the fridge, a triangular sink, a three-burner gas hob and a microwave. There are lots of neat touches to be found in this motorhome, such as the coffee maker taken from the Stanway model.”
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