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Auto-Sleepers Product Reviews

Auto-Sleepers are pleased to host a number of reviews covering a wide variety of Auto-Sleepers product written by some of the industry's leading journalists. Have a scroll through some of the articles below or use the "Categories" box on the lower right hand side of the page if you're looking for reviews on specific product types.

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  • Auto-Sleeper Winchcombe

    In this latest Design and Drive feature competition judge Andrew Bromley explains why the Mercedes based Winchcombe took the top in the luxury coachbuilt category and the overall competition winner spot. Read on to see why... more

  • A Class Apart!

    Design judge Andrew Ditton and Driving judge Danny Cobbs bring you the results from the Caravan Club's annual Motor Caravan Design & Drive Competition, in the latest edition of the Caravan Club magazine which is on sale now... more

  • Radiating Style and Luxury!

    The latest edition of Scottish Caravanner magazine sees well known industry journalist Andy Jenkinson experiencing all the luxury the Auto-Sleepers Broadway FB has to offer. Read Andy's full review here to find out what he thought of this all new model for 2013... more

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    Tried and Tested Luxury!
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    PMH Reviews winners of the 2014 Design & Drive Awards!
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    Live-in-Test - Auto-Sleepers Kingham


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