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Auto-Sleepers Product Reviews

Auto-Sleepers are pleased to host a number of reviews covering a wide variety of Auto-Sleepers product written by some of the industry's leading journalists. Have a scroll through some of the articles below or use the "Categories" box on the lower right hand side of the page if you're looking for reviews on specific product types.

Filtered for: March 2012

  • AS Westminster

    AS Caravans are the only caravans in Britain to come with a motor mover as standard, and with 4 layouts in the range you'll be spoilt for choice. In May's edition of Caravan Magazine the 'Westminster' is taken for the latest live-in test and is described as 'One of the best-equipped caravans available in Britain', read the full review here..... more

  • Big day out in a Windrush!

    In the Spring/Summer edition of Discover Touring, which is on Sale now, David Purdue and friends head for a big day out in the Auto-Sleepers Windrush. With first impressions of 'WOW', read his full review here..... more

  • Alpine Mountain Highs

    Practical Motorhome readers Geoff & Chrissie Crowther recently returned to the beautiful Alps for their first European Motorhome Tour, making the adventure in their Auto-Sleepers Warwick Duo. Read their full story here... more

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    Tried and Tested Luxury!
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    PMH Reviews winners of the 2014 Design & Drive Awards!
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    Live-in-Test - Auto-Sleepers Kingham


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