Peugeot high tops – perfect for converting

At Auto-Sleepers we know how to build the perfect motorhome from the ground up. We work with Mercedes, Fiat and Peugeot and are finding an increasing number of customers asking for conversions based on Peugeot high tops. And with good reason.

Peugeot high top

Peugeot high tops lend themselves perfectly to a motorhome conversion because as well as having electric windows and mirrors as standard, they feature a dashboard mounted gearstick and a handbrake lever positioned on the right side of the driver’s seat, rather than in the centre.

These might sound like small, insignificant details, but they actually mean that there are no obstructions in the central area of the front seats, so it is easier to get from front to back and the interior is more spacious. And we all know how important space is when it comes to motorhomes and van conversions.

At Auto-Sleepers, we put that extra space to good use, helping us make the most luxurious, affordable and highest quality motorhomes on the road.

More info on Peugeot high top conversions

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