Mr Osborne Collects His Auto-Sleeper Symbol!

Mr Osborne has been motorhoming for over 40 years and has always wanted an Auto-Sleeper, so he decided it was time to part exchange his previous motorhome for a new one.

Mr Osborne took a trip to his local Auto-Sleeper dealer, Marquis South Yorkshire, where sales executive Mike Gratton guided him round the branch and showed him the extensive range of Auto-Sleeper models available, but Mr Osborne knew exactly what he wanted. An Auto-Sleeper Symbol.Mr Ron Osborne Collects Symbol Image

The Auto-Sleeper Symbol was Mr Osborne’s motorhome of choice as he has always wanted one as it is of similar size to his previous motorhome, and he did not want too sacrifice any space that he was accustomed too.Symbol Feature Image


The iconic Auto-Sleeper Symbol is sleek, compact and offers full versatility, promising to cope with both short and extended getaways. The MWB chassis is super-agile yet the Symbol does not compromise in space or layout due to the innovative interior design.