Media Pack


Press and go, the convenience of having all your TV channels ready to watch in an instant with the Auto-Sleepers’ Media Pack. The pack features the Maxview VuQube II Automatic Satellite System, a versatile portable or roof mountable satellite system providing you with TV and radio coverage throughout the UK and Europe.Maxview VuQube II

Maxview VuQube II Control BoxKey Features:

  • Dynamic dish levelling allows the system to be placed on uneven surfaces
  • Twin LNB, ideal for use with either PVR or to use 2 receivers at the same time
  • Fully Automatic: Includes a compact control box to automatically locate the correct satellite with a single button-press
  • Clear and easy to use LED control box
  • Powered by your receiver
  • Ultra-lightweight with ergonomically designed carry-handle
  • A 50cm offset dish giving this satellite an increase range
  • Includes a built in security loop to enable it to be attached to your vehicle or imovable object for safekeeping
  • All weather resistant and robust casting
  • Includes 2 x 10M of cable allowing easy positioning
  • Complete with operating manual & set up guide
  • Receives transmissions from Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3 and Hotbird
  • Compatible with any SD/HD Free to air satellite receivers

The Auto-Sleeper Media Pack comes as standard across our 2018 Peugeot AL-KO Coachbuilt range, then ONLY £995 for Peugeot Van Conversions, Peugeot Coachbuilts & Mercedes Coachbuilts.