How To Choose The Right Motor Caravan For You

At Auto-Sleepers we offer a variety of motor caravans with many features to suit different owners. Read on to learn about the different types of motor caravans and other important factors that should come into consideration when choosing your perfect vehicle.


Type of Motorcaravan

  1. Conversion

Conversion motor caravans are usually adapted from vans, but other vehicles can also be converted. At Auto-Sleepers we specialise in converting a range of Peugeot vans due to the great reputation of Peugeot vehicles. Converting a van is a great option when you want to be involved in the entire process of building your ideal caravan, additionally, they can be a great way to save money as you have complete control at every stage of the conversion.

  1. Coachbuilt

Coachbuilt caravans are built on a vehicle chassis, and at Auto-Sleeper we specialise in building coachbuilt motorcaravans from Peugeot and Mercedes chassis. This is due to their incredible versatility that ensures we are able to build to suit the requirements of any potential owner. For example, they allow us to build Mercedes of Peugeot motorcaravans that are suitable for different short and long term journeys, at a range of different sizes and berths.

 Camper van motor caravan conversion

New or Pre-owned Motor Caravans

  1. New

There are many advantages to choosing a new caravan, for example, when purchasing a new Auto-Sleepers vehicle you are able to make it exactly to your specifications, from choosing the right gearbox to the soft furnishings inside. We can even undertake special vehicle operations to custom design and build your perfect motor caravan.

  1. Pre-Owned

Used vehicles come with some obvious benefits, primarily the lower price. Many dealerships additionally offer great warranties so that you have peace of mind when purchasing pre-owned. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a new or used motorcaravan, every vehicle we build at Auto-Sleepers is made to the highest quality.

Choose Leisure Dealer Motor Caravans

Where to Buy Your Vehicle

  1. Private Seller

Motorcaravans can be purchased from dealers and private sellers. There are associated risks with buying from a private seller, but if you choose to purchase from a private seller then it is worth going with a knowledgeable friend if you are a first time buyer.

  1. Dealership

New and used Auto-Sleeper vehicles are sold from many dealers across the UK, so there is a huge choice when it comes to purchasing your motor caravan. We recommend purchasing from a dealer as they will inspect and service your vehicle prior to purchase and can offer guarantees and a warranty when you buy. Additionally, dealerships come with expert teams that should be able to help you with any questions you have – perfect for first time buyers. You can see our dealers on our find a dealer page.