Caravan Times Share Their First Impressions On The Auto-Sleeper Symbol!

William Coleman, writer for Caravan Times, took an Auto-Sleeper Symbol van conversion away with his partner for a long weekend in Yorkshire to bring his first impressions to all the readers.Symbol Feature Image

”The basics, whilst from the exterior the Symbol looks like what you expect from an Auto-sleeper Peugeot van conversion, well put together with those little “Auto-Sleeper” touches like colour coded bumpers, its the inside that takes you by surprise.”

”Driving the Symbol is fun. As someone who reviews caravans and motorhomes for a living you will see a lot of words like capable, encouraging or agile to describe driving motorhomes, rarely will you see the word fun. All Auto-Sleeper Peugeot van conversions come with 160BHP (Ad Blue) as standard, the Symbol is the shortest and lightest this means good tank range, nippy acceleration, better manoeuvring and included ALKO airbase suspension.”

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